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116#Thermal break side press french window&door

The company introduces advanced equipment technology, absorbs the production and management experience of high-end home furnishing industry, flexibly selects the production technology and management mode suitable for the actual enterprise, and has a large number of outstanding R&D and senior management professionals to ensure the advanced and reliable process technology.


Aluminum window

Aluminum doors

  • Tech Specs
  • Color
  • Screen
  • Grille
  • Hardware
    • Commodity name: 116#Thermal break side press french window&door

    We face natural disasters based on the door and window will have what damage factors? Landslides, Category 12 hurricanes, sand and gravel strikes, continuous heavy rain, seawater erosion. 116#Thermal break side press french window & door  balcony artifacts, is the bad weather and hurricane protection wall shield. It has the characteristics of large landscape, super seal, safety, large window width, wide field of vision, high lighting rate, less space, and safe use of high-rise fan.

  • Color & Coating Options

    • Ebon Commen Color:  Fluorocarbon Grey , Matt Black ,White Powder Coating
    • Silver grey powder coating, Silver anodising with INTERPON powder
    • Woodland grey(Satin), Ironstone(Stain), Shale Grey(Satin)
    • Ultra Silver(Gloss), Dune(Sain), Paperbark(Satin), Primrose(Gloss)
    • White Birch(Gloss), Surfmist(Matt), Architectural White(Satin)
    • Pearl White(Gloss), Silver Pearl Kinetic(Satin), Black(Satin)
    • Monument(Matt), Clear, Residential Bronze
    • Cedar, Mahogany, Honey Gum, Snow Gum
    • Select between factory-prefinished colors for fast delivery, or customized colors to better match your home.
  • Glass Options

    • Laminated Glass
    • Double Toughened Glass
    • Toughened Laminated Glass
    • Triple Toughened Glass
    • Thickness of single glass: 5-12mm
    • Glass types: Frosted glass, Toughened glass, Low-e coated glass
    • Special performance glass: Fireproof glass, Bulletproof glass
    • Select from various types of glass, including but not limited to: tinted, low-e, sound-proof and burglarproof.
  • Hardwares&Accessories Options

    • Australia Doric hardware
    • America CMECH hardware
    • German Hoppe hardware
    • China top SMOO Hardware
    • German SIEGENIA &GU  hardware
    • China top KINLONG &HOPO  hardware
    • German ROTO hardware
    • German GEZE hardware
    • Ebon always choose seriously hardwares&accessories for customers with 10 years warranty

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