Over Sea Project

Wanheng City Garden

Release time: 2018-08-21

Case details
Case Type: Residential Project Case Name: Wanheng City Garden Case Address: Meilan District, Hainan Province
Door and window brand used in the case: Yibo doors and windows
Engineering brief introduction
Wanheng City Garden is a medium-to-high-end residential community jointly invested by Hainan Daping Sifang Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd., jointly developed by Hainan Wanheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Hainan Zhongtu Construction Development Co., Ltd. The current urban gardens will talk about the use of doors and windows as a point of purchase to promote, I believe that the aluminum alloy doors and windows of Yibo doors and windows are the icing on the cake.




Hengda Hua Fu