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How to Ensure Profitability for High end Door and Window Agents

In recent years, the rapid development of urbanization construction means that a large number of people have poured into the city and become the urban population, at this time, buying a house has become the foundation of these new urban people, of course, buying a house decoration is indispensable to doors and windows and other home decoration necessities.

Mar 18,2020

How to Win at the Starting Line for High end Door and Window Agents

It is often said that everything you do should "win at the starting line", and this statement also applies to the physical operation of high-end door and window agents. Because in the current building materials market environment, it is usually the market that determines the operation, not the operation determines the market. For high-end door and window agents, a good location is half the battle. The location is well chosen, like a phoenix finding a plane tree, taking a solid step for the future. So, how to judge whether the business address of the door and window franchise store is reasonable? The industry recommends judging from the following four basic conditions.

Apr 13,2020

What are the benefits of becoming a high-end door and window franchisee

The ownership of the products in the warehouse belongs to the factory until it is issued to the franchisee in the area. In other words, high-end door and window franchisees do not need to pay the factory. What a convenience this is for regional franchisees. This can greatly reduce the financial pressure of high-end door and window franchisees.

Apr 13,2020

Leading management change and creating competitive advantages

In early November, the Mobilization Symposium on Management Change of Yibo Doors and Windows and Jubang Consulting was officially launched, marking the official start of the 11-month enterprise-based management reform of Yibo Doors and Windows.

Apr 13,2020

Full of youthful dreams, blooming with my brilliance

July construction expo for doors and windows enterprises is a test of strength, this construction expo Yibo doors and windows shined, successfully attracted more than 7 dealers, in July, we exceeded the company's sales target, achieved such impressive results. The leaders of Yibo doors and windows decided to organize a celebration tour to treat their friends who had worked hard for several days.

Apr 13,2020

Yibo Brings "Building a Home for Love" to Build an Expo for Love Exhibition

On July 2018, 7, the 8th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo was held as scheduled, known as Asia's largest door and window exhibition - Guangzhou Construction Expo brought together nearly 20 door and window exhibitors and 200 million visitors in Hall C, which is also the happy day of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Expo.

Apr 13,2020

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